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About Hvozd

What actually is Hvozd, what is its origin?

I started thinking about Hvozd by the end of summer 2006, when I moved my old photo gallery to the new domain. I planned to change design slightly to fit the domain name more, but in the end I decided for the fresh start and build whole site from scratch.

Modern culture is quite known to be hectic, stressful, overwhelmed with informations. Internet is often used to carry such pressures and I missed there a spot (and still I don't know many of them), which could be considered as „peace oasis“, where man can lay down and relax, when world is over his head. So I created Hvozd. Its purpose is nothing more than offer joy and good temper to those, which are on the same frequency as I am - and like nature. It is not replacement for a trip to the nature, ut when you're currently by computer, you can see the world my way.

Whose work is it?

You can meet me mostly as Spock [lone wolf] on the internet.
In the world in front of the monitor I'm known as Jiri Nedorost.
I was born in the year 1985 in South Bohemia and currenty I'm living in Brno, Czech Republic.
I'm vegetarian.
I love roving through the nature, discovering interesting new or returning to familiar old places and while outside, I like to take photos. Photography is now more then just a hobby to be, it became important part of my life.